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Q: Kindle was dropped in standing water. Problem is that it does not respond to touch. Can charge and turn on, but nothing else after that.

Sounds like the digitizer has probably failed. We'd recommend sending it in for our diagnostics service, and we'll let you know what the issue with the device is.

Q: Hello! My MacBook Air recently had water damage and now it is not turning on. In the case that the motherboard needs to be replaced how much would it cost? Additionally how long would it take from the time that the device reaches the facility? I hope we can get back to me! Sincerely, Kreetana

Hi Kreetana, the repair to liquid damaged devices can vary. The process takes about 2-3 weeks if it does need logic board repair. We'd really have to see it in order to properly quote you on the repair of your computer. Hope this helps!

Q: I have an iPod 5th Generation. I put in a new battery. It turned on and worked great for about 10 minutes. I left it alone for an hour to charge. Now it won't turn on. I tried a hard reset. Nothing. The hard drive was working great.

We'd recommend sending it in for our diagnostics service. We'll test it and let you know what we find. Please let us know if you have any questions. Happy new year!

St Stephen Allen Pew - 1 week ago

Q: Do you fix iPad Air 4th generation for water damage?

Our water damage repair service can be performed on the iPad Air 4th gen. That service can be found here

Q: Microsoft surface pro for not charging probably bad connector.

Our Microsoft Surface Pro 4 charging port repair will fix any problem associated with your charging port. If your Surface Pro 4 is not charging for some other reason (a battery or bad charging cable, for example), your technician will inform you before proceeding with any other repairs or replacements.

Q: I have the same issues - Surface logo flash then turns off. Tried several methods suggested by microsoft and the internet still not successful.

Michael, it might be a software-related OS issue but we'd have to diagnose it to know for sure. Please send your Microsoft Surface Pro 4 in for a diagnostic.

iPhone 7 Microphone Repair


Q: I cannot record a voice memo, WhatsApp and even have a phone call Can you confirm the repair pricing including shipping costs in Houston , TX? Thanks

More about iPhone 7 Microphone repair and its cost is available on our website Shipping is estimated via zip code with our online calculator found below the service description. As of January 2021, microphone repair for that device is $69.99.

Q: I believe the charging port in my iPad Air a1474 is bent it will only charge if pressure is applied to the charging cable. Can this be fixed?

Hi Tracy, This issue can be resolved. If you send your iPad Air to us, we will run a free diagnostic test just to make sure the proper issue is identified. After that, we will give you a quote. If you approve of us fixing it for you, we will go ahead with the reair and you should receive your device within days.

LG G5 Glass Screen Repair Service

An Ana Liza Lictawa - 1 month ago

Q: Broken screen it really needs replacement...

Hi Ana, we can definitely fix that for you. Feel free to bring it to one of our walk-in locations, or simply use our mail-in service for repair. The repair takes a couple of hours to complete, once we have the device at one of our repair facilities.

Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4" Diagnostic

Wh Whitney Callaghan - 1 month ago

Q: My son dropped his Galaxy Tab A tablet in water a couple of days ago. I put it in water, but it t isn't turning on. Is there anything you guys can do?

We'd recommend sending it in for our diagnostics service. We'll take a look and let you know what we find. Sometimes it can be a simple fix like a battery, and other times the repair may be more involved. Let us know if you have any more questions.

Q: How long does it usually take to repair the front facing iPad camera?

Hi Doug, this repair generally takes about 24 hours from when we receive your device at our store or our mail-in center. Please let us know if you have any other questions. Thanks!

Q: my question is about the volume button on my galaxy S8 plus when I ordered my phone the volume button would fall away from the phone and now I need to replace the volume button

We'd recommend sending it in for our diagnostics service. Sending your device in via mail is super easy. Simply ad the S8 Volume Button Service to your shopping cart and proceed through check-out. You'll receive an email with your shipping label once you've checked out. Send it on in, we'll take a look and fix it. We'll fix it and send it back in. Simple as that! Let us know if you have any questions, we'll be happy to help!